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Traina Parents Club of Anthony Traina Elementary School is proud to present ‘The 1st Annual Spring into Crafts Fair’ on November 8, 2008 from 10am-4pm.  The Parents Club is very happy and excited about our newest fundraiser, and we would like to extend an invitation to you to join us.  In order to enhance the school experience for our children, fund-raising is a very important part of what the Parents Club does.  Funds raised will be put toward programs like; Artist in Residence, ACE awards, School Assemblies and the Science Camp donation, to name a few.
The Crafts Fair committee is only accepting quality handmade craft items.  Commercially produced, imported or garage sale items will not be accepted.  This will be strictly enforced.  All applications will be juried and you will be notified of our decision by mail.  Please include with your application, 2-3 clear photos of your items that you plan to sell at the show.  If you would like your photos returned, include a SASE.  The deadline for applications is October 15th, 2008.  The booth fee is $60.00 for a 10×10 space, $75.00 for 10×12 and $50.00 for 10×5.  There is a $10.00 charge if you require electricity, spaces limited, first come first served basis.  Tables will not be provided.  Each vendor is asked to contribute one of his/her craft items to our Silent Auction.  Your item will be clearly marked showing that you have made the donation and which booth space you are located.  Please submit your contribution to the Craft Fair committee on the day of the show before it opens at 10am.  Set-up will start at 7:30am and we ask you stay for the entire show and do not begin packing up until 4:05pm.
Please note: The State of California requires that you have a resellers permit.  If you do not have one, you can obtain one online at  The permit is free.  A temporary permit can also be obtained for a one time use.  The tax rate in San Joaquin County is 7.75%. Any questions, Traina Parents Club can be contacted at our website

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